Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Britney Bitch.

I'm just gonna say it;

Britney Spears better damn perform at the VMA's on Sunday. As a Mother (and a woman with mental issues) I'm rooting for her hardcore. I don't care if her family made her crazy, or if K-Fart is going to take half of what she makes off of MTV this weekend....girl owes it to the people who watched with bated breath, as she turned into the raving lunatic we all wish we could be! (Admit it...Starbucks, sex, & rock 'n' roll? Don't fight it. Release your inner demon)
She's a performer. I don't care if you like her music. Her dancing. Her antics. She's a damn good performer and has been since she popped out of her (just as) Crazy (as me) Mama.
I will be buying her next cd. And, as someone who hasn't bought a cd in 6 years, that's progress.

UPDATE: Way to go! 3 Moonmen for Pieces of Me. A song produced in the throes of mental destruction. Now. Show us what you can really do.

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