Saturday, October 20, 2007

Coffee & Mountains with Papa

My Daddy just left from a (too, too short) 3 day visit. It was special to me because my Dad doesn't travel a whole lot. He goes to Padre Island when he wants a break, and rarely does anything else.

I guess I'm growing up, because my parents aren't really 'parents' anymore. They're my friends. The oldest, and best friends I have and I cherish every moment we get to spend together because they're too few and far between. My Dad's getting older, and he's not in the greatest of health. You know you aren't supposed to think about those things, but you do. You really can't help it when you see your Father opening 6-7 different bottles of pills every morning, to take with his coffee. It puts things into perspective. We discussed what should happen to my Grandmother, who's health/sanity is horrible but she refuses to move from her house. We talked about my Mother's parents, who aren't doing well right now. We talked about MY parent's impending move to AK, and the financial straights that's put them in... When did things like this become my business? Or rather...when did my opinion begin to count? And, do I really want my opinion to count? I'm not really sure I'm ready for this side of adulthood. Yet, there I was. Sitting on my back porch, drinking coffee and looking at Cheyenne Mtn with my Daddy...discussing the darker side of family life that was concealed from me until I was old enough to have a valid opinion of 'what should be done'.

I'm grateful for this visit. I'm so glad that I'll have the memories of taking my Dad through Garden of the Gods, and Helen Hunt Falls, and especially our drive to the summit of Pikes Peak. I see those things all the time, and the list of people that I can associate with my landmarks is growing, but I was able to add my Daddy to that list. I have to say, for now. That's my highlight. He'll always be able to say that the first time Corrina ever went to the summit, was with her Pawpaw. She wont remember, but you can bet that picture will be framed for her to keep forever.

P.S. This was an old post from another blog ~ Before life went crazy and I moved back to DF-Dub