Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Relatively Speaking

We've got house guests.

My brother & his daughter are going to be staying with us indefinitely. Um. Indefinitely. That sounds serious. It's not that serious. I don't think. The economy sux. Times are hard. We're both currently single & our kids are related. So, after discussing it for months he finally gave up his rathole apartment (I never saw a rat...but it wasn't pretty.)
The kids are having a great time, and I love having my niece here. Don't tell anybody, but she's kinda my favorite. Shhhhh...
Lilly-Pie is 10 weeks older than Beena-Baby, and they're supposed to be BFF's. Cause we want it that way. They've voted the other direction though, and basically told us to cram it where the sun don't shine. So, it's been 5 days of fighting, toy stealing, tears, outright tantrums, & other loveliness that I'm sure you're so jealous of you can't sit still right now. Right? Right? Hello? Where did you go???
On top of the little bullies...Lilly-Pie has strep throat. She isn't one of those sweet lil babe's that take medicine and make a scrunched up face and you kiss her cheek and give her a sucker for being such a good girl! Hell. No.
Think the Exorcist. Only in a two year old child's body, and instead of green spit substitute bright a$ pink $40 prescription medicine. Kid contorts her body into such shapes you imagine she's breaking herself. Scary.
They are into, on top of, & destroying everything in sight and between me and you...I'm loving every minute of it.
I really am a Mom. Through and through. While I enjoy 'naptime'....I always spend the last half hour or so wondering how long it's going to take the kiddo to get up and keep me company. If the house is too quiet, I feel alone. Don't know what the heck I'm gonna do when these Turkey's decide to grow up and get lives of their own. Probably bribe them to live with me. With cookies.

P.S. ~ Sorry for the old picture...he didn't bring my camera. Jacka$$


ladyfi said...

LOL! Yes - it's great to have kids, even though they are sometimes Exorcists...

Jenny said...

Oh goodness. Glad you're happy and close to your bro. When I read the first part I thought "Holy hell. That poor girl!" But you sound like you're all good!!!