Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chore Store

I've implemented a new program 'round here in order to facilitate a cleaner, happier home.
Using an idea I stole from Pioneer Woman, (and revamped to work for us) we now have our very own, "Mommy Store."

I've bought a few UBFunkey's (Cause they're super cheap), some pretty sketch pads, and some random 'kid junk' that I picked up at the local Family Dollar. There are also coupons that they can purchase to get out of doing chores. Those cost some serious Mom Bucks...but they're in there. Also some really Mom friendly ones, like; Take everyone out for ice cream~Mom's treat; and, 2 Hours free video/movie Time with snack. (Silly Turkey's don't even realize that means I get 2 hours quiet time with snack!)

I'm using a white board (that's actually blue...go figure) to write out each chore that I want to see completed. Beside each one is a point system. cleaning their bedrooms, for example, is 1 point. At the end of the week, we'll calculate the points each Turkey has accumulated. (We have a pink board for that!) For every 5 points, they'll receive 1 "Mom Buck" (I found an old old old box of checks that I've been marking the pertinent info off of, and issuing "Paychecks"...luckily, the Bank of Mom will never go out of business!)

This morning, in the midst of lost hairbrushes, misplaced lunchboxes, and general chaos that ensues each day beginning at 6am, Moonshine came up to me and announced that not only had he dressed himself, brushed his teeth, readied his backpack (lost lunchbox & all) but he'd also made his bed, picked up his books from last night, and put his water bottle back in the fridge after he'd written his initials on the lid. He also wanted to know, "If I have enough money in Mom bucks, do I have to wait until store day to play with my new Funkey?"....aw. Dangit. I'm such a pushover. YES YOU HAVE TO WAIT! It's Mine. All Mine! Muahahahahaha! (At least until next Sunday, when I pull out the box and bad checks start flying through the air!)

I can't wait to see how this turns out. Before, we were using a demerit system. They'd lose points for forgetting. I hate being the bad Mom. Hate feeling like I'm always the one making them do chores, homework, hygiene. I want to be the good guy for once. I think this is a huge step towards that. Instead of giving Lyss a demerit for not making her bed, I simply ignored it and handed Moonshine the marker to give himself points while she looked on and calculated how many Mom bucks he'd just made.

And, after seeing this...she hauled butt to her bedroom and made her bed, picked up hers & the Baby's toys, and cleared the dining table of breakfast dishes. So. I need to win that doll. Otherwise, I'm in real trouble here. Can a Mom store give out IOU's??


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the Mum Bucks and Chororganizers are working!

(Hope they work for more than a day!)

Rabidparadise said...

So far, so good! Though, I have to admit...it's much easier to look the other way when I know they'll be punishing themselves for "forgetting"
It's going to take a few weeks to determine how well/or not this all works! :-)