Thursday, September 11, 2008

A moment of silence.....

It's been 7 years since the World Trade Center attacks. Seven years of war, misery, heartache & turmoil. It suddenly occurred to me today; my children have never really known a life without a war in Iraq. When I was growing up, war seemed like something that happened to other countries. Not ours. Our country had finally figured out that war was senseless.

My Father was in the Navy, both my brothers were in the Navy. (I could say both my Fathers were in the Navy, but one was a POS, so he doesn't get props here) I married into the Army.
Our daughter was born while my husband was in Baquabah, Iraq. My Mom drove me to the hospital at 5 o'clock in the morning and stayed with me throughout my labor. She was the first person to see my little baby be born, and she cut the cord.

My children have welcomed home many a sailor and soldier from Iraq. To them, it's a far off place where boys go when they're older to 'protect' our country. It's a way of life.
They aren't shocked at the knowledge that millions have died and are still dying.
Am I the only one who thinks thats wrong?

I sometimes get the impression from my son that he thinks he's going to have to go to war too. I try and make him understand that he makes the choice...then he comes home and tells me I'm wrong..."It's called a draft Mom, they can make you go to war, unless you have flat feet. Then you get to stay home."
Yo, kiddo. Your seven. You don't have to worry about a war.

So, to whoever wins this dadgum election, please put a notation on my sons roster that says he's got flat feet. Or hands. Or a flat brain. Whatever it takes.
Or, here's a novel idea....Lets figure out a way to end this thing. Whatever it takes. Cause, my kids not fighting this war. Got it?
Great. Thanks.

P.S. I'm not saying to surrender. Or Forget. Just get this $hit figured out so my kids can be as carefree & clueless and I once was. Please don't burn my house down. I love the USA. And, I support our troops. Like you wouldn't friggin' believe.

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