Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Swing of It

I'm trying to get back into the swing of the whole "blogging" thing, and have been hitting a brick wall for days. Do I have anything interesting to write about anymore? I've read through so many blogs trying to answer that for myself, and you know what? I really don't have an answer. What may be boring & mundane to me, could be someone else's idea of tranquility.
So, I guess...for my first post in forever (and my first ever public post), and what I plan on being a (at least) daily blog I'll just ramble on about myself for a bit & see if anyone gets bored enough to bash their head into their keyboard before I finish. (btw...if this is you, please come back. there will be drama. I promise. Drama is like, well...I can't live without it)

I'm a newly single Mama Duck to 3 Turkeys. Yep, I know Turkeys & Ducks are different. Wanna makes sumthin of it? As a matter of fact, one of my Turkeys is actually a dog. The other is a rabbit. Another is a dragon. Yep. Factor that in before you go all hoity toity Species Scientist on me.

My oldest Turkey (the Rabbit) is 9. I say this to myself several times a day because I'm still getting used to it. She sometimes looks at me funny because I stare at her and mutter, "nine. holy batman, Robin. She's Effin NINE"
My middle Turkey (the Dragon) is my only boy. He makes my heart beam rainbows out my ass. Ya, he's that friggin cute.
My baby Turkey (the Dog) is two. And, if you give me any hell for still calling her my baby. I will send you a burning bunny in the mail. Give you and the postman something to whisper about!

I'm newly single because I finally stopped taking enough prescription medications to kill a horse, and realized that I was unhappy with my marriage. Not my life. Not ME. Not anything other than him. He was (is) a Seargent in the US Army. Don't get all mushy now. Your on MY side....remember? Hello?? Hello? Um, is anybody there? Hello?
Someday, I might go into gory details. Right now, I don't wanna. OK? I just don't feel like it. And, at therapy rates THIS high, I don't think I have to. Uh, wait...this isn't therapy? It's free? Well, you still can't make me. Unless you offer me coffee. Or chocolate. Yep.
For now, lets just say that he hates me & I hate him. Yes, we have a child together and yes, she'll be affected by this...but for now, she's a lot less affected than when her Mama sat around like a zombie & cried for days on end without rhyme or reason.

So, thats it. I'm a single Mom to 3 Turkeys (dog, rabbit, dragon). Oh...and I have a cat named Tiger-Jac, a dog named Simon, and another dog (that isn't really mine, but I can't get rid of him cause he loves me too effin much) named JR.
We used to live in the Rocky Mountains, but have relocated to Humid DF-Dub as Mama has to work cause Turkeys don't support themselves!
More on that later.

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