Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rockin' Iced Coffee

I haven't had a chance to try PW's iced coffee recipe, but I've wanted to post my own because...well it's super yummy. The problem is, my camera is on strike. OK, not really. Really though, it's in the trunk of my brother's car. Because he keeps camera's when I loan them to him. He doesn't do it on purpose....I don't think.
Anyway, here's my rendition of blogging a recipe. Hope you enjoy;

Brew a large pot of coffee, and as soon as it's done brewing remove it from heat and cover with a dishtowel. (That'll keep it from sweating too much)
Once it's cooled to almost room temperature (or so...this isn't rocket surgery) pour into a serving pitcher and place in the fridge.

Once your ready to make your iced coffee, grab your favorite mug and throw about 1/3 of a cup of crushed ice (you can also make coffee cubes and use those if you'd prefer)
Pour your coffee to just below the rim and top with whipped cream.

But here's the secret;

Smucker's ice cream toppings. Drizzle some (or alot, if you're feeling frisky) over the top & stir.
Better than Starbucks.

Please don't shoot me. I didn't mean that. Starbucks is the Coffee God, and I'm not worthy.

Now, go make yourself some iced coffee and tell all your friends to visit my blog and tell me how wonderful and Martha Stewart like I am.
Thank you.

P.S. The picture at the top of the post isn't mine. Like I said, my brother is a thief forgetful. I stole that one from Google. Surprisingly, it looks just like the cup I use for my iced coffee. Only mine doesn't have a handle. I want a handle. Dang it.

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