Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Baby the Elf

Turkey #1 was an elf in her school pageant. Her only line was, "Don't worry Mrs. Claus...we'll figure it out!" And, like a pro~she nailed it.
What she didn't nail was her costume. This thing has been in the works since last month. She was originally going to be a stuffed animal, but requested a speaking line instead.

After spending the weekend with her Father & Step-Monster, she came home empty handed, even though we'd agreed he would handle the costume part of the play. I explained to the 3 of them that it's highly unlikely that I'll be able to find a cab willing to carry me to 39 different stores in search of a freaking elf costume, and that they would have to deal with it by Tuesday night.
To my amazement, they did. They were back Monday with a perfect costume, and promises that they won't let things like this fall through the cracks anymore. (Yea, right.)

Regardless, she looked adorable and did an amazing job! Cause she rocks!
Anyway, that's all I have time for. I'm a slave to the kitchen until all the neighbors know how much I appreciate them watching my back, and not running over my children while they're outside playing.

I still have a surprise, but it's waiting until after Christmas. Boo! Hiss! I know...I'm sorry. I wasn't given a choice in the matter. OK, so I was..and I chose. But, it's for your own good. I promise.
OK, seriously...there are cookies burning. What the hell? I thought I had at least another 2 minutes.


Washington Cowgirl said...

Did she tell Mrs. Claus not to worry and then ran and changed into her SuperElf costume? You know, to help Santa save Christmas...
Ok, that was a nerdy thing to write. But it would have been cool.
I'm sending you a card but it will probably arrive the day after Christmas, I'm a procrastinator like none other, but it's the thought that counts..right?

ladyfi said...

I think she looks great in that elf costume... Mmm.. your cookies smell delicious.