Monday, December 22, 2008

Momma's Boys

So, Who watched Momma's Boys? I didn't mean to. I reserve my television for times where no Turkeys will interrupt, and I can really veg. But tonight my jaw is 2 times it's normal size thanks to an impacted wisdom tooth that my dentist was "positive" didn't need to come out. Not the first time my x-ray's have turned out to be liars, so I happen to have antibiotics and Vicodin here.
Vicodin and I have a love hate relationship. If it weren't addictive I might take it just to get my house clean. Don't know why...but it makes me want to scour every inch of my house with bleach & lysol. It also makes me z-o-n-e. So, I somehow got sucked into watching parts of the new TV show on NBC. I wouldn't have, cause I'm SO much stronger than that (ya friggin right) BUT...I know one of those chicks!

They showed her face while she was speaking, and she caught my eye from my place underneath the recliner where every dadgum dustbunny in the entire world goes to die. Her name is Rana, and it said she's from Dallas, but I'm 99% sure she's really from ****** (EDIT: You know..there just might be a reason her real city wasn't listed, so I took that part out.) I think that I worked with her at a restaurant called Bahama Breeze. 'Back in the day'. Before I hooked up with the law firm, before I hightailed my fanny to the mountains, I'm almost totally sure that I knew that chick.

And, it made me feel kinda like a rockstar. So, wherever you are Rana...What's up chick? ...I REALLY want some coconut prawns right now. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! And, if I don't know you...this is some freaky dream or someshizz...I'm sorry. I won't stalk you, I promise.

PS..HOSTESS! I think. Man. This is really gonna bug me.

PPS..I stole that picture from NBC's website... Please don't sue me.

PPPS..I would totally ruin my boys chances on that show. Poor girls wouldn't know what hit 'em.


Washington Cowgirl said...

I watched the first episode and pretty much wrote it off as another reality show filled with fake blonds, fake boobs and fake personalities.
That's cool that you know someone from the show. My one name claim to fame is Jon Heder (Neopolian Dynamite, Blades of Glory), nice guy, crazy but nice.

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw crap, I wanted to watch that. I was stuck working at the bar last night, cuz my brother went to the Bear's game. I'll have to try and remember next week. I'm really just interested in seeing what my future holds, since I think I'm already like the psycho moms I saw in the promos :(

ChiTown Girl said...

OK, OMG, I remembered to watch tonight! What a train wreck! I kept trying to change the channel, but I couldn't do it! (Plus, it helped that the only other thing on network television was Pirates of the Caribbean, and I despise Johnny Depp!!) That Mrs. B. is a freakin' psycho!!! The whole show was a hoot! But, I wish that big blond (who looks like a female impersonater!) should have been sent home! Right along with her fake boobs (twice!) fake lips and Botox!

Washington Cowgirl said...

Where are you? We miss you!!