Monday, December 8, 2008

Can you help someone in your community?

This is a really neat website geared towards directing people who WANT to help, towards those who NEED the help.
I'm really going insane because my kitty is still missing, so I'm not going to write a poignant post which will made you froth over with desire to get off your duff & get out there in your neighborhood and FIND someone to help.
What I am going to say is, 'Tis the Season'...If we can't find it in our hearts right now to give a little of ourselves to someone more down on their luck that we are..then all hope is lost.
Now, I'm going to go bury myself in the kitchen. Banana bread, fudge, & cinnamon candy will help me pass the time until Tigie decides to grace my world with his presence again. And, yes..I'm making this crap to give to someone. There is a church behind my house, and I'm hoping the pastor will help me get it to a soup kitchen somewhere. Don't laugh. Homeless people like cinnamon candy too.


ladyfi said...

Good for you! Christmas is especially a time when it's tough to be homeless or alone.

I really hope your cat comes back.


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear Tigie still isn't back yet :( And, I'm sure whomever is blessed with your homemade goodies will feel very grateful, so don't refer to your hard work as crap!!!