Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm ready!

I think, today, I finally got into the spirit of this Christmas. The two older Turkeys are down with another stomach bug, so we spent the day watching Christmas DVD's. Ate tons of popcorn, and the baby and I polished off an entire bag of candy cane oreos.
My oldest developed an affinity to peppermint tea (I knew it was only a matter of time) and I sent the neighbor kid home with the rest of the cookies and fudge sitting on the counter-top.

It was quiet, and lazy, and just what I needed to remind me that this is what Christmas, or any holiday, is about. Hanging out with the people you love the most, doing the things that make you smile and feel good inside, and not worrying about what tomorrow is going to bring.

I love you, my babies. Get better tonight.


ChiTown Girl said...

I bought those damn candy cane Oreos last week, but I haven't let myself open them yet, because I KNOW I'll polish off the whole bag. I'm waiting for some other people to be around so we can share ;-)

Jenni said...

I did not know about Candy Cane Oreos...I stay away from THAT aisle.

I hope your "Turkeys" feel better, and I am sad about the kitties. You are a good person to take in the kitty and care for it during its last days. I know he was thankful for your care.
Merry Christmas.

ladyfi said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!

Washington Cowgirl said...

Don't you just love cuddling up on a couch with someone(s) that you love and vegging out?
It makes me so happy. Hope the turkeys start feeling better and that you don't catch their bug.