Wednesday, October 8, 2008


OK. Give. Her. Back.
It's been 3 days. I need my baby. I'm not cool with this anymore. I know she's having a great time chasing turtle's (Tuk? Where go Tuk?), and splashing in the River with her Pawpaw and bestfrienemy. But, uh...please?
It's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too quiet out here. There isn't anyone demanding to watch Diego on the computer even though there's a perfectly good 42" television in the next room. There's no one to remind me 467 times a day that the "boobus" is coming to bring "Bubba."
No-one asking for food then throwing a temper tantrum when I make her eat. No-one slathering herself with make-up products then washing herself off with my favorite silk shirt. No-one to put each morsel of dog food into the water bowl so it's softened enough to eat.
The worst part? No kisses, no hugs, nobody climbing into the chair behind me and tickling me on the neck. No-one sneaking into my bed in the middle of the night and forcing me to cuddle with her dirty, stinky, dirt-trodden woobie.


How many more days 'till this torture is over?

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ChiTown Girl said...

Aww...I feel ya, Sista! It would absolutely KILL me when my son first started going for overnights with his dad. I would sit home and cry for days, instead of actually taking advantage of a little "me" time. Well, times have changed, and believe me, I look forward to my "me" time now. Especially since I'm working 3 jobs these days. ANY time I can get to myself is precious!

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous by the way, just like her mommy!